Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey readers,

I wrote a whopping ONE post back in June, and I've decided that I really want to start this back up (for real!) especially now that I'm getting ready for college. I'd love to share everything that I've been doing, and prepping, and of course some of my dorm accessories :)

These posts are going to be kind of all over the place, but I'm glad to write them!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

5 Cute Dorm Practical Grad Gifts Under $30

I don't know about you, but I've been going to so. many. graduation. parties. I'm kind sick of them. Much of the time, I feel (my mother as well) feel obligated to bring at least something little. Instead of those Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards (boring, and we all know you can buy those at Walgreens/CVS/any other drugstore), I like to give something a little more personal. Here are 5 things under $25 that I've given to my friends (or received!)

Something about this is so brilliant-I can totally see myself keeping my dorm keys and glasses in this handy little pouch, this means no more losing those tiny essentials.

Anyone can use these-perfect for grabbing your laptop charger for a long day at the library or just in general. At $10, these are practical, but not necessarily thought of. 

Perfect for the girl who will be tailgating or heading to the beach frequently. Keeps bottled water cold, fruit, you name it.

Not only are these super cute, they won't get mixed up amongst hundreds of other iPhone earbuds. They're great to leave in your bag!

From what I've heard, your bed becomes your everything in college. How perfect is this to work on a term paper or to study for psychology? Plus, there are so many fun patterns!

Grads, what is the best little gift you received  Mine was a monogrammed laundry bag from a local boutique, it's pink and green and I love it!

Sending Smiles,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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About the Blog/Blogger

Hey Everybody--

I'm C, and this is the sister blog to my tumblr blog-handbagsandheadbands!

I blogged with a dear friend via the URL Kennedys Amongst Kardashians. While A and I are still friends, (nothing happened!) It was just really complicated to coordinate blogging schedules. So, I've since decided to start something of my own.

I adore blogging, and I always have blog posts rolling around in my head. I can't promise a post daily, but I'm going to attempt to blog several times a week. You can expect a hodgepodge of everything. While I love fashion and beauty, this blog (like Kennedys Amongst Kardashians) is intended to be so much more than that. I battle a myriad of health issues, so that will cross this little blog from time to time. I am passionate about other cultures and current affairs, so expect some of that! Lastly, etiquette is another passion of mine, so I'll post Mind Your Manners Mondays like I did on KAK. So, there you have it: a blog with basically anything you can imagine.

About me: I'm going to keep anonymous (mostly) for the time being. I'm an eighteen year old recent high school graduate, heading off to a liberal arts college somewhere in the USA. I work retail, which I've found to be a great mix of some of my passions: helping others, organizing, and staying up to date on trends. In high school, I spent much of time doing community service as well as leading several ventures of that type. I'm a Type-A, organized, outgoing, semi-perfectionist, fashion obsessed, and chronic illness battler, and this is my blog!

As always, email me or comment with any questions-I am happy to help!

You Can Find Me:
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