Tuesday, June 18, 2013

About the Blog/Blogger

Hey Everybody--

I'm C, and this is the sister blog to my tumblr blog-handbagsandheadbands!

I blogged with a dear friend via the URL Kennedys Amongst Kardashians. While A and I are still friends, (nothing happened!) It was just really complicated to coordinate blogging schedules. So, I've since decided to start something of my own.

I adore blogging, and I always have blog posts rolling around in my head. I can't promise a post daily, but I'm going to attempt to blog several times a week. You can expect a hodgepodge of everything. While I love fashion and beauty, this blog (like Kennedys Amongst Kardashians) is intended to be so much more than that. I battle a myriad of health issues, so that will cross this little blog from time to time. I am passionate about other cultures and current affairs, so expect some of that! Lastly, etiquette is another passion of mine, so I'll post Mind Your Manners Mondays like I did on KAK. So, there you have it: a blog with basically anything you can imagine.

About me: I'm going to keep anonymous (mostly) for the time being. I'm an eighteen year old recent high school graduate, heading off to a liberal arts college somewhere in the USA. I work retail, which I've found to be a great mix of some of my passions: helping others, organizing, and staying up to date on trends. In high school, I spent much of time doing community service as well as leading several ventures of that type. I'm a Type-A, organized, outgoing, semi-perfectionist, fashion obsessed, and chronic illness battler, and this is my blog!

As always, email me or comment with any questions-I am happy to help!

You Can Find Me:
Tumblr- Handbagsandheadbands

and of course, here!
With Google Reader disappearing, check me out on bloglovin!

Thanks for Reading,

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